who are we?

Short answer: an online, woman-owned, handmade dog bandana shop in Las Vegas, NV. Our purpose is to create trendy bandanas that are both high quality and made specifically for your pup!

what's up!

Hello, I'm Maddy - creator of FistBumpPup and the 'dana maker! I started my 'dana biz when I was furloughed from work due to Covid-19 in 2020. I probably went through every hobby in the book before I decided to take on sewing. I'm serious when I tell you I have never sewn in my life until a week prior to opening FBP!

When I'm not behind my sewing machine, you can find me managing my social medias, reading motivational books to get movin' and groovin', and I will always... be burning a candle.

  • the pups

    Of course none of this would have happened if I never had a pup! Eilee was my first dog that was 100% mine and let me tell you... she was SPOILED. She came home in 201, and then I later got Winston towards the end of 2020 (:

  • eilee (eye-lee)

    Eilee is a pomeranian yorkie who is full of love and cuddles. This girl is always by my side I swear she's my shadow at this point. She is VERY talented and knows about 10 tricks! Her favorite hobbies include watching tv, looking out the window, and stealing her brother's toys.

  • winston aka winnie

    Winnie is yorkie maltipoo who is OBSESSED with his "boba" and his "piggie". Those are forbidden words in the house unless you want him bugging you all day. His favorite hobbies include piggie back rides to get his toys from timeout, cuddling, and barking at his sister to play.

why dog bandanas?

I think it's safe to say that I get this question... a lot. "Out of all the businesses you could have started, why dog bandanas?"

There's so many 'dana shops out there, but I could never find bandanas that I absolutely loved. I strive to make high quality, trendy dog 'danas for every pup out there. I felt like all the tiny furbabies and the big doggos always had the short end of the stick when it came to sizing. With three different bandana styles at FBP (slip-on, snap-on, and tie-on) and sizes ranging from XXS to XL, every pup gets the chance of rocking a super cute 'dana in a style they love.

The best part of my biz is supporting other small businesses at the same time - whether that's purchasing fabric or SVGs designed by small biz owners, or purchasing their handmade goodies to share with my pupstomers (:

how's the journey been so far?

Quick answer: unpredictable. This little hobby has turned into something bigger than I ever imagined! I have easily sewn 2,000+ bandanas myself as of 2021, made 5,500+ besties on Instagram, participated in a handful of pop-up shops, and even moved the shop out of my bedroom and into its own room! So much as already happened and we're just getting started (: